Capstone Conversations with the 2019-2020 Fellows and Melissa Batchelor

For this year’s Capstone, Alumni Fellow Melissa Batchelor (2017-2018) is conducting a special interview series with the Current (2019-2020) Fellows on her podcast, This is Getting Old: Moving Towards an Age-Friendly World. Check back here weekly for new episodes!

  1. Elder Care: Past and Future with Joanne Lynn, MD, MA, MS
  2. National Alliance for Caregiving with Lisa O’Neill, DBH, MPH
  3. Senior Nutrition with Marie Gualtieri, PhD
  4. How Nurses Can Influence Health Policy with Alison Hernandez, PhD, RN
  5. The Role of Social Workers in Nursing Homes with Nancy Kusmaul, PhD, MSW
  6. Mental Health and Older Adults: Important Concerns and Future Directions with Luming Li, MD
  7. US Senate Special Committee on Aging: An Interview with Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) with Thomas Eagen, PhD, MPH and Lieke van Heumen, PhD
  8. Policy Lessons from Covid with Lieke van Heumen, PhD
  9. Learning from What We’ve Lost: Protecting LTC Residents & Staff with Cinnamon St. John, MPA, MA
  10. Bringing the Washington, DC Healthcare Policy Experience to Quinnipiac University with Angela S. Mattie, Esq., MPH