Aaron Leppin, MD, MSc

Implementation Scientist in the Late-Stage Translational Research Program, Mayo Clinic

Assistant Professor, Mayo’s Division of Health Care Policy and Research

2017 Fellow

Remembering Dr. Aaron Leppin

Dr. Leppin received his undergraduate and medical education at the University of Missouri. He completed his post-doctoral training in Mayo’s Knowledge and Evaluation Research Unit with additional support from the NIH-sponsored Training Institute for Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health. Dr. Leppin’s research focused on building communities’ capacity to deliver at scale evidence-based health promotion programs that improve the lives of older adults, advance population health and save costs. In partnership with many stakeholders, he led in the development of an innovative and scalable model for clinic-community collaboration in Southeast Minnesota. He was interested in advancing policies that encourage the sustainable advancement of such models in Minnesota and beyond.

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Minnesota Board on Aging