Jennifer Wong, PhD, MA

Master Plan for Aging Consultant, State of California Department of Aging

2018 Fellow

Jennifer Wong earned her doctoral degree in experimental psychology from the University of Montana. Prior to her doctoral degree, she earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of San Francisco and a master’s degree in psychology from California State University, Sacramento. She is joining the Health and Aging Policy Fellowship through a National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research funded fellowship in rehabilitation policy research at the University of Washington.

Her previous experience in policy has included work in California on the enrollment of providers in the Medicaid program and the implementation of Medicaid related state and federal regulations. In Montana she was involved in implementing a multifaceted intervention for rural medical patients receiving care in an urban hospital and recovering in rural communities. Through this line of research, she served the Missoula Interagency Treatment Integration and Collaboration which works to increase services and supports in Missoula County. Her current projects include examining differences between community-entry and post-acute home health services among rural Medicare beneficiaries and investigating health care access and barriers in those with long-term physical disabilities. In general, she studies systems-level variables, attributes of the physical environment, and individuals’ characteristics in regards to aging and disability. Topics such as social determinants of health or health-related social needs, health care utilization, successful aging in place, the impact of the built environment, and community participation are of particular interest to her. Jennifer looks forward to gaining experience in social and health policy related to individuals aging into and with disability at the state and federal levels.

Why I Applied to be a Fellow

"America is aging rapidly. I am passionate about ensuring that our current systems provide quality health care and services to older adults so they may achieve their goals. As individuals age, their risk for experiencing disability increases. I believe that research can help provide evidence for how adults are currently aging with a disability or aging into a disability. However, research is only a part of the effort in how we prepare for our growing aging population. I am fascinated in the mechanisms of how empirical evidence influences policy and how policy influences research, which led me to apply to be a Health and Aging Policy Fellow. I hope my experiences as a fellow support my long-term goals of being a well-versed researcher, a strong advocate for equity and welfare, and contribute to the improvement of health care policy and reform."

Program Info

Program Track

Washington State Healthcare Authority, Seattle-King County