Thomas Eagen, PhD, MPH

Health Policy Director, National Center for Health Research

2019 Fellow

Dr. Thomas Eagen is the Health Policy Director at National Center for Health Research. In this role, Thomas focuses on the impact of federal health policy to improve quality of care for all patient populations, and is responsible for tracking active legislation and engaging with Members of Congress and Congressional staff to serve as a resource and ensure policies are supported by research.

Previously, Thomas served as a Legislative Assistant in the Office of Senator Maria Cantwell. Dr. Eagen completed his PhD in Rehabilitation Science and MPH in Health Systems and Policy at the University of Washington. Dr. Eagen has focused on the overall reach and effectiveness of evidence-based programs designed for community-dwelling older adults supported by federal funding. Specifically, he has explored the participation of individuals with disabilities in evidence-based falls prevention programs. In his post-graduate work, Dr. Eagen has continued to gain a better understanding of how individuals with disabilities participate in falls prevention programs. His research has sought to identify the individuals at the greatest risk for adverse events, which factors contribute to adverse events, and which programs successfully reduce this risk among individuals with disabilities.

Capstone Conversation: US Senate Special Committee on Aging: An Interview with Senator Bob Casey (D-PA)

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U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging in the Office of Ranking Member, Senator Bob Casey