Lauren Bangerter, PhD

Scientific Director of the Health Economics Aging Research (H.E.A.R) Institute, MedStar Health

Faculty Appointment, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine

2018 Fellow

Dr. Bangerter’s scholarly work has focused on promoting high quality care and developing psychosocial interventions for older adults with physical and cognitive decline.  She has a strong record of obtaining federal and foundation grants to support her research, has published over 50 scientific papers and is regarded as an expert in gerontology and health services research. As a Health and Aging Policy Fellow (2018-2019) she supported the implementation of federal legislation to support family caregivers through a placement at the Department of Health and Human Services.

Dr. Bangerter is the Scientific Director of the Health Economics Aging Research (H.E.A.R) Institute at MedStar Health, which is the health system’s dedicated applied research lab focused on innovation and developing best practices for geriatric care delivery. Dr. Bangerter has a faculty appointment at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and serves as a consultant and collaborator on health and aging policy research. Dr. Bangerter received her doctoral degree in Human Development and Family Studies from the Pennsylvania State University in 2016.

Areas of Interest

Why I Applied to be a Fellow

"Like many millennials, I have found myself struggling to understand just how to go about meaningfully engaging in politics. I applied to the Health Aging Policy Fellowship because I wanted to become more politically engaged in a way that allowed me to leverage my passion and expertise in aging research. Through this fellowship, I have gained the skills necessary to apply my current and future research to help create evidence-based aging policies."

Program Info

Program Track

Administration for Community Living (ACL)/Department of Health and Human Services (HHS); and Minnesota Board on Aging