Sarah Bassett, PhD, MA

Postdoctoral Fellow, Disability Policy Research, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Center for Education in Health Sciences

2020 Fellow

Dr. Sarah Bassett holds a doctoral degree in Social Science and Health from Northwestern University and a master’s degree in health psychology from Brandeis University. In addition to her appointment as a Health and Aging Policy Fellow, she is a second-year disability policy research postdoctoral fellow at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Sarah's research has focused on how psychological well-being and strengths predict physical and psychological health among people living with chronic diseases (e.g., HIV, depression) or chronic stress (e.g., the stress of caring for someone with Alzheimer's Disease). During the first year of her postdoctoral fellowship, Sarah expanded her research to focus on predictors of health and well-being, and studied how safe and affordable housing affects physical and psychological health among people living with disabilities. She is passionate about health equity, particularly as it relates to social determinants of health, mental health, and access to care. Her long-term goal is to help improve people’s physical health and psychological well-being via thoughtful policy levers.

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