Veronica L. Shead, PhD

Workplace Violence Prevention Program Manager, and Clinical Psychologist in Palliative Care, VA St. Louis Health Care System

2020 Fellow

Dr. Veronica L. Shead is the Workplace Violence Prevention Program Manager and a Clinical Psychologist in Palliative Care at the VA St. Louis Health Care System. She received her PhD from Washington University in St. Louis with a focus on Neuropsychology and Aging, which included her internship training in Clinical Neuropsychology at the University of Arizona Medical Center. She also completed fellowship training in Medical Health Psychology with a focus on late life at the Memphis VA Medical Center. In her present capacity, she cares for veterans in acute palliative consultation, outpatient and telehealth settings. Dr. Shead has been very involved in geriatric and palliative care training and supervision within psychology and across disciplines. She maintains research interests in late life issues, specifically: palliative care, integrated care, dementia assessment and treatment, caregiving, as well as health disparities and their effects on minorities and older adults.

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Office of U.S. Senator Michael Bennet (D-Colorado)