Julia Driessen, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Health Policy and Management, Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh

2016 Fellow

Julia Driessen, PhD, is an economist and assistant professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management in the Graduate School of Public Health at the University of Pittsburgh. She has secondary appointments in the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Economics and the Department of Biomedical Informatics, and is affiliated faculty at the Health Policy Institute. Dr. Driessen completed her undergraduate education at the University of Michigan, studying mathematics and economics, and then earned her PhD in economics at the Johns Hopkins University. Her research focuses on the economic evaluation of health interventions and policies, with an emphasis on the indirect and downstream effects that are not captured by traditional evaluation methods. She has examined these themes across a diverse array of interventions, including health information technology, Medicare prescribing, childhood vaccinations, and interprofessional models of care.

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Program Track

Federal Coordinated Health Care Office with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS); and Office of U.S. Senator Brian Schatz